On how her passion for STEM has inspired her journey to become a product design engineer.

Tiffany celebrates her MEng master’s degree at the postponed 2020 commencement. Photo by Matthew Tao

On his experience as a co-founder of a sustainable materials design company.

Paul at graduation

On how his research internship in Switzerland led to the Polytechnique Foundation Award recognition and Berkeley MEng program

Spring 2021: Research internship in Zurich, Switzerland

Clémence Billiemaz and Moussa Nasroune on their shared interest in the field of data science, and what inspired them to lead the Data Science Affinity Group.

The Data Science Affinity Group’s first “ Coffee Hour” with their mentor at Free House…

On her MEng capstone experience, work at NASA, and long-term goals of space exploration.

Andria Sperry working at NASA Goddard in the Cryogenics and Fluids department.

How did your personal background lead you to your area of study?

On his hope for the future of engineering and his hobbies of surfing and dancing.

Why did you choose to study engineering?

Berkeley Master of Engineering

Master of Engineering at UC Berkeley with a focus on leadership. Learn more about the program through our publication.

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