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Berkeley MEng presents the 2021 Capstone Showcase: Innovating Across the Globe

Marked by a record-high number of over 700 registered attendees, students, faculty, and guests gathered online in our virtual auditorium to celebrate the 10th annual Berkeley MEng Capstone Showcase on Thursday, May 6, 2021. As attendees spawned into the space, 30 Berkeley MEng teams took the stage in the exhibition-style showcase, presenting their year-long capstone projects to guests from around the world.

During the showcase, MEng students engage with a variety of stakeholders—new admits and alumni, faculty, advisors, and industry partners—using the opportunity to not only to promote their projects and research, but also to foster new connections within the…

BERKELEY, CA, USA, JULY 26, 2021 — The United States Intellectual Property Alliance (USIPA) and the Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership at UC Berkeley announce the start of their virtual conference on Increasing Diversity in Innovation (DII). The comprehensive four-day event will focus on how companies can better and more meaningfully incorporate their existing underrepresented inventors into the innovation ecosystem. The conference will feature a speaker line-up of notable business leaders and leading academics, along with members of the diversity & inclusion, technology, and intellectual property (IP) communities.

“Embracing diversity in invention and patenting is key to the US maximizing…

Pierre-Habté Nouvellon is a UC Berkeley Master of Engineering Class of 2018 alumnus from the Industrial Engineering and Operations Research department. Shortly after graduating from the program, Pierre-Habté’s entrepreneurial journey took off with Snipfeed, an all-in-one monetization platform for content creators. As the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of the start-up, he participates in the development of the Snipfeed platform and setting up the remote team.

Here, he shares more about Snipfeed’s remote team culture and how the product has evolved since we last featured Snipfeed.

Anas Boussami (COO at the top left), Rédouane Ramdani (CEO at the top right), Pierre-Habté Nouvellon (CTO at the bottom) during the pandemic.

How has the Snipfeed product evolved since you came up with the idea during the MEng boot camp three years ago?

The original idea of Snipfeed was very different from what we do now. We…

On his determination and resilience as a first-generation student, DACA recipient, and student parent

Hector Gomez is a recent Berkeley MEng graduate who studied Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Controls of Robotic and Autonomous Systems. For his undergraduate degree, he studied Mechanical Engineering at San Jose State University. Here, he shares what inspired him to pursue a Master of Engineering degree as a first-generation student, DACA recipient, and student parent.

What prompted you to pursue a Master of Engineering in mechanical engineering?

My curiosity for controls and robotics led me to have a huge interest in learning more about that area of mechanical engineering. Because of this, it seemed natural for me to pursue a Master of Engineering degree to learn and familiarize myself in…

Fung Institute faculty director, Lee Fleming, has created a new model for students to learn and thrive at the intersection of technical and engineering leadership. This model has led to new methods of teaching and interdisciplinary learning, including integrating industry leaders and partners into the curriculum and capstone experience.

Professor Lee Fleming

The Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership at UC Berkeley is excited to celebrate ten years under Lee’s leadership. Lee, a Bay Area native, has spent most of his life inhabiting the space between business and engineering. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at UC Davis, followed by a master’s…

This Saturday, June 19, 2021 marks Juneteenth, a commemoration of the moment the last enslaved people in the United States learned of their freedom on June 19, 1865. We remember and honor this moment by continuing to educate ourselves and fighting for racial justice.

Image Source: University of California, Office of the President

Over the past year, our student affairs teams have undergone efforts to better support our Black students both in the United States and abroad.

Last year, the Master of Engineering (MEng) program launched “You Belong Here,” a new admit web resource highlighting Experience Diversity 2021, a series of diversity initiatives and events at Berkeley hosted by…

On Thursday, May 20, 2021, the UC Berkeley College of Engineering hosted a virtual Celebration of Graduates in lieu of the traditional in-person ceremony due to pandemic restrictions.

The Treasure Exchange or TreasureX is an online marketplace intended to connect buyers and sellers within the UC Berkeley student community to encourage resale of working, functional items and to alleviate problematic waste during move-out season.

Left to right: Prateek Sahay, Maggie Zhang, Menson Li, Rebecca Sung, Charles Cui.

In her undergraduate career at Wake Forest University, Maggie Zhang, MEng ’21 (EECS) was troubled by the amount of waste students would build up. At the end of each semester, she saw students throwing out furniture, clothes, and other items in front of the student dorms, creating annual waste that could easily be directed for reuse. From there, she thought of the possibility of creating a student-based marketplace for finding and selling items.

Once she arrived at Berkeley, she was given the opportunity to pitch her solution to fellow peers in the Entrepreneurship Affinity Group, where she met the rest…

Alumnus Shreyas Bhayana on developing his passion for engineering and wanting to make tangible impact

Shreyas graduated from the Berkeley MEng program in 2019 with a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering and concentration in product design. Here, he shares about his journey through the MEng program, his current work, and his advice for future students.

Shreyas stands smiling in front of a city skyline.
Shreyas stands smiling in front of a city skyline.

What did you study and why did you choose it?

Early in my childhood I developed a fascination for cars, especially the good-looking fast kind (yes, Italian ones) which I think I picked up from my father and was later further encouraged by other tinkerers — more commonly known as engineers—that I grew up around.

That fascination grew beyond just cars to other machines and working systems in general as I…

The Graduate Division and Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) Teaching and Resource Center recently presented Alexa (Ally) Zimbalist with the Outstanding GSI Award in Engineering. The Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor (OGSI) Award honors over 200 UC Berkeley GSIs each year and recipients are nominated from within their teaching department. She received this award for the E295 Communications for Engineering Leaders course.

Ally is a second year Master of Science (MS) student in Epidemiology at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health. Her research interests include maternal mental health and environmental health. She received her BA in Public Health from UC Berkeley in…

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